"Sandro Piancone's knowledge of how to be succesful in Mexico is 'Turn-key'!" - Don Vlcek
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“How I look at Opportunities, I keep saying yes, until there is a reason to say NO! Sometimes it takes 15 seconds or 15 months of asking the right questions to say no.”–Sandro Piancone
About The Author
Sandro Piancone
Sandro Piancone is the Chief “Mexpert” Officer of Mexico Sales Made Easy and Mexico Franchising Made Easy. What is a Mexpert you ask? The leading authority in doing business in Mexico, relied on by some of the world’s largest companies, for a step by step process and successful export of consumer packaged goods into the Mexican marketplace without lawyers, or international trade hassles – Guaranteed.

Since 1998, he has generated over $500 million dollars in sales and profits for his clients and partners helping them sell products and franchising in Mexico. Sandro sits on several boards and consults on trademark issues, labeling requirements, Mexico import permits, and sales and marketing strategies. He is considered the Secret Weapon for major franchise companies like Little Ceasars, Dunkin Donuts, and Villa Enterprises.

His expertise in getting U.S. goods distributed in Mexico is unparalleled.
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